01. OneNote —->> for Official Build 10586.494

Versi terbaru kini: 17.7167.57762.0

What’s new?

  • Klik kanan pada pilihan catatan tulisan tangan atau gambar untuk mengelompokkan mereka. Dengan begitu, akan sangat mudah memindahkan file sebagai kesatuan.
  • Berbagi buku catatan Anda dengan orang lain langsung dari OneNote, dan mereka dapat melihat atau mengeditnya pada perangkat apa saja.
  • Kami mendengarkan. Jika Anda hanya menggunakan OneNote di kantor atau di kelas, kini Anda dapat masuk hanya dengan akun kantor atau sekolah.
  • Rekam pengingat audio cepat atau klip suara dan simpan di catatan Anda.

Download / Update OneNote


02. imo free video calls and text

Versi terbaru kini:

What’s new?

  • No changelog, tapi yang jelas ini adalah perbaikan bug di mana sebelumnya kamu tidak bisa memperoleh kode verifikasi (yang dikirimkan via SMS ke nomor ponsel kamu) walaupun kamu tunggu sampai 1 tahun. Akhirnya kini kamu bisa langsung mendapat kode verifikasi !!!

Download / Update imo free video calls and text


03. PicsArt

Versi terbaru kini:

What’s new:

  • Sekarang Anda dapat menemukan Paket Clipart yang Anda inginkan dengan menggunakan Alat Pencarian di toko PicsArt
  • Anda suka menggunakan Double Exposure atau cukup alat Tambahkan Foto tersebut? Sekarang, Anda dapat mencari foto yang Anda inginkan dengan #tag di bagian FreetoEdit dari Tambahkan Foto.

Periksalah. Kami akan senang mengetahui pendapat Anda tentang pembaruan kami.

Download / Update PicsArt


04. Money Lover – Money Manager

Versi terbaru kini: 2016.5.12

Money Lover - Money Manager v2016.5.12

What’s new?

  • Add place to export excel.
  • Fix amount problem when add transaction from live tile.

Download / Update Money Lover – Money Manager


05. City Art Search

Versi terbaru kini: (?); ( ? )

What’s new?


City Art Search

Windows Mobile, Version (7/25/2016) :

  • Minor UX Polishing.
  • Code Optimization & Minor Bug fixes.
  • Data Cleansing.
  • Addition of new artwork (now at 6,776)

PC & Tablet, Version (7/25/2016) :

  • Minor UX Polishing.
  • Code Optimization & Minor Bug fixes.
  • Data Cleansing.
  • Addition of new artwork (now at 6,776)

Download / Update City Art Search


06. Readit

Versi terbaru kini:

What’s new?

General Additions:
• Changes to the mobilizer of articles when “Mobilize websites” is enabled:

• New mobilizer, it still uses readability in the backend but it will be displayed essentially natively now
• Follows theme, no bright white flashes from the browser in dark mode
• Easier to read – no chrome in the page – just article content
• Failing to mobilize the page will just load the original web page
• Still working on the spacing of the page, sometimes certain sites will contain excessive spacing. Will fix it later
• There is a convenient link located at the top of the mobilized web page – click it to view the original version of the page. If a page isn’t mobilized well, use this link to just view the original.
• You can now save entire albums via the save button in the upper right when viewing an album.
• Saves in a subfolder of your current media save location with the name of the album. If no name is given for the album, it is saved under an “Unknown Album” generic folder.
• You can now get toast notifications for new posts in subreddits by enabling them in that subreddit’s sidebar.
• Shows up to 5 posts, no more than that. If there are more than 5 posts you will have to visit the subreddit. These are not silent notifications.
• Checks every 15 minutes for the most recent (at most) 5 posts from that subreddit since the last check. Uses very little data.
• Limitation: you must be subscribed to that subreddit.
• New profile features:
• Default category is “overview” which shows both recent posts and comments – can also be sorted
• Added a “gilded” category which shows both posts and comments that were gilded – can also be sorted
• Re-ordered the dropdown
• Updated the way comments are displayed – better margins, and separators appear between them now
• Faster loading and response times
• You can now open links in a new browser window via the comment context menu using the new “open in browser” sub-menu
• New browsing setting: Swipe actions – Default: on – Disable to disable the swipe actions in both the post and comment lists (mark as read/unread & upvote/downvote)
• New advanced setting: Show vote history – Default: off – Enable to show vote history from user tags in the UI. It still tracks your vote history in case you turn this on.
• You can now “delete” or unsubscribe from a multireddit via the context menu in the subreddits list (long press on multireddit or right click)
• You can now unsubscribe from a subreddit via the context menu in the subreddits list (long press on subreddit or right click)
• When saving an image, the filename will be the post title by default. (if possible)


Bug Fixes :
• Fixed slow loading of youtube videos/video players in general

• The subreddit name and OP name of posts will now be in the same order for post lists and when viewing a single post
• When submitting a new post, the subreddits list will now be in alphabetical order
• The subreddits list will now be in alphabetical order for wallpaper and lockscreen subreddit pickers
• In a new link window from comments (such as viewing an inline image) on mobile, you can now tap on any edge of the screen to dismiss these windows.
• The comment count, to go directly to comments, now has a larger hitbox and you can tap in the blank space above or below it as well to go directly to comments.
• Fixed i.reddituploads.com posts not loading in user profile pages
• Advanced settings will now load immediately
• Fixed sidebar overflowing above the top of the screen on mobile

Download / Update Readit


07. Fhotoroom

What’s new?

  • Fixed TiltShift bug on Windows 10 Mobile
  • Other bugs fixes & improvements

Download / Update Fhotoroom


08. Photo Editor | Polarr —->> app only for PC

  • No changelog, mungkin cuma perbaikan bugs dan peningkatan performa

Download / Update Photo Editor | Polarr


09. WiFi Analyzer

Versi terbaru kini: 2.1.0

What’s new?

July 24, 2016

Added :

  • Tutorials which you’ll find a link in the app (“About & help”) or here.
  • Explanations of errors/problems via URL-Link which point to the correct part within my tutorials.
  • Spanish translation
  • Japanese translation
  • “No networks found” will be displayed below the spinning circle at startup/resuming in case there are no networks found.

Improvements :

  • Performance (including faster app launch)
  • The speed meter/beeper could eventually respond faster but this heavily depends on the hardware too. (I decoupled it from the rest of the Dashboard so it updates as soon as I get the data now)
  • Secondary adapter should now work without the primary one being enabled (more details in my tutorial “Settings explained”)
  • Updated FAQ

Bugfixes :

  • The tooltip for “Send mail” now works again, in case you need the mail address.
  • The spinning circle disappears more accurately when the UI has been updated and will now appear again in case of some problem where the UI would not change otherwise (like mobile hotspot turned on).
  • The channel counter now works on the connected channel too.
  • Various little fixes to the UI.

Download / Update WiFi Analyzer


10. Subtitler

Versi terbaru kini: 2.5

What’s new?

  • Ikon baru!
  • Kini kamu bisa mengekstrak/unzip file download-an kamu
  • Perbaikan bugs

Download / Update Subtitler


11. GMusic

GMusic akhirnya kini menjadi aplikasi UWP!

The popular web service Google Play Music is now available for your Windows device!

GMusic is a unique app that will take you to the world of music!

1. Open new opportunities!
2. Listen to the coolest music!
3. Always be aware of interesting music news!

With GMusic you can do following:
– Search and listen to music tracks on Google Play Music service;
– Sort music by track, album or artist;
– View album covers and artist’s photos;
– Follow the popular trends in music using sections: “Top Albums”, “New”, “Recommended”, “Similar” and “Top Tracks”.

GMusic is your ticket to the magical, musical world!
“Install” it now And ENJOY!

Very IMPORTANT info:

Here you can get the information how to sign in if you using 2-Step-Verification https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833

Please check this link to verify if Google Play Music Service is supported in your country

Download / Update GMusic


12. Multi Messenger —->> app only for PC

Versi terbaru kini: 1.5.1

What’s new?

  • Menambahkan VK Messenger
  • Various improvements

Download / Update Multi Messenger


13. Monocle Giraffe

  • No changelog, mungkin cuma perbaikan bugs dan peningkatan performa

Download / Update Monocle Giraffe


14. IFLScience Reader

  • No changelog, mungkin cuma perbaikan bugs dan peningkatan performa

Download / Update IFLScience Reader




01. The Sims™ FreePlay

  • No changelog, mungkin cuma perbaikan bugs dan peningkatan performa

Download / Update The Sims™ FreePlay

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